Sunday, October 30, 2011

Home made Tomato Soup

Home made Tomato Soup
handed down to Lela Ruth Marshall (my mother-in-law) from her Aunt

Take 2 gallons of tomatoes - cut them up into small pieces.  Cook them until soft, then run through a sieve, saving the juice.  If you don't have tomatoes then 2 quarts of juice will work.

Take 1/2 stalk of celery & 6 onions.  Cut both up into small pieces & cook until soft enough to mash with a potato masher.  I use a small pressure cooker to cook the celery & onions, less time to cook.

In a small cooking pot heat together 1 cup butter, 1 c sugar, 1 c flour, 1 T salt & 1/2 t pepper.  Heat on med to low heat until butter is melted & all ingredients are mix well.

Take the juice, mashed celery & onions & put into a large pot.  Add the butter mixture & heat to just a boil.  Stirring occasionally.

Put in quart jars & pressure cook 10 min. at 10lbs pressure.  Makes about 3 quarts.

To make soup, take one quart jar of soup mixture pour into a pot.  Add enough milk to make it as thin as you like your soup.  Heat until just a boil. (I take the jar that had the soup in it & fill it half way with milk to add to the mixture.  My mother-in-law prefer to refill the quart jar completely to add to her soup).